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The Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce has announced today that visitors in the town can expect to enjoy a saving of 10 million per year in accommodation & dining, under the new 9% VAT rate which will come into effect on July 1st. Local business organisations have called on all those impacted by the impending VAT reduction to embrace the lower tax rate and give back to consumers in the Killarney area. Supported by the Kerry branch of the Irish Hotels Federation, The Restaurant Association and the local Vintners Federation, the Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce is welcoming the Governments reduction on the VAT rate to 9%, confident that it will help to boost tourism in the town and throughout the country as long as it is supported by the service industry as a whole.  Picture shows Hotelier Claire Scally on left with  with Tom Randles, President, Killarney Chamber of Tourism and at back, chef Geert Maes, Restauranteur Antoinette Casey, waitress Maria Warren, publican Paidi O'Callaghan and jarvey Ger Cronin showing how industries in Kilalrney are welcoming the reduced vat changes..Picture by Don from Killarney chamber.. 
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